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A Total Commitment to Clean Cannabis
Clean cannabis cultivation begins at the very root with pristine cultivation practices. When coupled with the post-harvest decontamination methods we've discussed, every cultivator can confidently aspire to pass state-mandated microbial contamination tests 100% of the time. Maintaining state-compliant levels of microbial contamination isn't just about the cultivation process. It's a commitment that extends across the supply chain, from grower to consumer, demanding a consistent water activity measurement throughout. Yet, with at least 10% of cannabis flower material falling short of state-mandated total mold and yeast count tests, we recognize the undeniable need for safe, efficient decontamination methods that don't sacrifice the quality of the final product.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Whether you decide to remediate only the plant material that fails the state tests and is returned to you, or you integrate a microbial decontamination process for each batch before dispatch, the decision remains in your hands. However, a cautious approach would be to apply a decontamination method to every batch and incorporate a relative humidity control packet within the packaging materials. This strategy offers peace of mind, ensuring your products are state-compliant and preventing costly returns for reprocessing, should they fail state testing further down the supply chain. Starting clean and staying clean isn't just a strategy—it's a commitment to excellence. Upholding this commitment will undoubtedly bolster your profitability and solidify your stellar reputation along the supply chain, right up to the end consumer.