While no system can make the legal claim that product will be 100% remediated, we believe that the photonic purification system we use is one of the most effective means of reducing microbial bioburden. While many existing technologies struggle to reach the hidden corners of cannabis flower, our chosen solution effortlessly penetrates even the darkest recesses, leaving behind no "cave dwellers" that could potentially bloom later when your product graces store shelves. Our system destroys microbial DNA, reducing pathogen activity and inhibiting future replication. Unlike traditional methods, our process doesn't oxidize your flower and leaves no trace of chemical residue. It means the integrity of your product - terpenes, cannabinoids, look, taste, smell, and feel - remains virtually untouched or unnoticeable. Please note that decontamination is most effective when implemented preventatively, as this stops mold from growing in the first place. Our technology demonstrates significant efficacy in remediation, i.e., treating previously failed flower samples. Yet, its effectiveness increases notably when implemented as a preventive kill-step measure.

Product Degradation
Our process allows clean, safe, heat free and chemical free eradication of all pathogens right down to the DNA. Since our process does not introduce heat, there is no premature conversion of THCA, no mycotoxin stimulation from pathogen stress, no oxidative aging of the flower, and no accelerated evaporation of volatile organics. Your terpenes, cannabinoids, look, taste, smell and feel are virtually unchanged. Our chosen equipment employs the only technology capable of completely penetrating the entire flower through and through, destroying any "cave dwellers" ending future replication after treatment. We can even treat already packaged product that has been pulled from shelf.

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Consumer Safety
X-ray chamber decontamination is highly effective and has a history of use in medicine and even airport security. X-rays are a form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, that is, short wavelength light. X-ray wavelengths are shorter than those of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This means they pack more punch with an intrinsically higher level of energy and therefore are much more effective in killing microbes than UV. The instrumentation for X-ray decontamination is well-tested and uses technology that has been proven for decades. The cannabis is placed in a lead-lined chamber that ensures the safety of the operator during the decontamination process. X-rays are produced from an internal vacuum tube once the lead lined chamber is sealed. The X-rays penetrate the cannabis and kill the microbes. It is highly effective in the destruction of the full complement of microorganisms to be tested at the state level. After the processing by X-ray chamber decontamination, your cannabis will be ready to pass the state tests.