Photon Purification

Currently there are several methods of cannabis microbial remediation including chemical washing, cold plasma exposure, RF bombardment, ozone saturation and H2O2.

The trouble with these other technologies is in the inability to penetrate completely to the encapsulated deep sections of the flower leaving behind potential “cave dwellers” where pathogens can safely hide from treatment and quickly return soon after causing the potential for product to be pulled from shelf which can prove very costly.

Many states are beginning to discover this truth and address it by enforcing “undetectable levels” on some pathogens. X-rays are the only technology currently that can move through all the biomass with ease and inactivate to an undetectable level.

None have proven as effective as ionizing radiation which has become the preferred method of remediation around the world.

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Our Equipment

  • NO radioactive materials used - system is 100% recyclable
  • Based on world-class robust, industrial-grade components • 30+ year track record of excellence
  • 100% duty-cycle capability
  • Even distribution of energy through entire container of biomass
  • Equipment is 100% made in the USA by a US-owned company
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified engineering and manufacturing company with a history of strong customer partnerships in the Biological Research, Aerospace, Metal Casting, Cannabis Remediation, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Defense, and Homeland Security Markets